Collaborative Strategies takes a comprehensive approach to the Strategic Planning process. Since a plan is only as strong as its ultimate implementation, CSI offers expertise in key related services: Performance Enhancement, Search Consulting, Advisory Board Development and Succession Management.

Strategic Planning shapes the foundation of CSI’s work. We have guided more than 1,000 companies and not-for-profits through the process of envisioning their future in specific ways that shape priorities and inspire team members.

People are at the heart of every organization’s success. New goals often require individuals to change behaviors, develop new habits and better align with the efforts of others. Toward this end, CSI’s robust Performance Enhancement practice provides practical support to individuals on client teams who will shape the future.

CSI clients often identify a need for key talent to fulfill the vision and goals defined during Strategic Planning. In our Search Consulting practice, we help clients attract, recruit, onboard and integrate new team members.

Smart entrepreneurs and CEOs value trusted and forthright advisors. CSI counsels companies for Advisory Board Development, tapping into CSI’s substantial network of successful entrepreneurs. Advisors learn your business and offer educated, experienced perspectives and recommendations to guide your decision-making.

Strategic Planning often reveals the wisdom of preparing for future leadership transitions. Our Succession Management practice prepares your organization for transitions in ownership and management. We help clients with transitions from both the ownership and management perspectives.