Clients generally seek our help when they are:

  • Considering strategic options for sustainable growth.
  • Challenging their organizations to get to the next level.
  • Seeking to define goals and need team alignment to achieve them
  • Facing a crisis that requires focused attention and commitment
  • Preparing for or adjusting to a change in leadership
  • Finding their organization coasting on autopilot
  • Experiencing uncertainty about how markets and customers are evolving
  • Feeling conflicted about how best to prepare and respond to market changes
  • Tackling the question, “What’s the best we can be?”

Here’s how CSI’s unrivaled expertise and proprietary service models help organizations like yours achieve breakthrough results: 

Our Experience. Since 1983 – through economic booms and busts – CSI has helped privately held and not-for-profit entities define and achieve their organizational goals.

Our Staffing Depth. CSI draws upon the diverse skills and experiences of nine consultants to help clients navigate challenges. Sole proprietors cannot compare.

Strategic Planning Forms the Core of our Work. We are not functional specialists who dabble in strategic planning. All of our strategic planners have advanced degrees from nationally-recognized universities and years of in-the-trenches experience as strategic planners. As such, we offer depth in the critical areas of each enterprise – people, finance, programs, products and services.

Our Pragmatic Style. CSI brings pragmatism to every engagement. Our plans don’t sit on shelves. We help clients integrate their plans into ongoing operations to ensure integration of vision into every day endeavors. Accountability for action items is clear.  Regular progress reviews keep interim goals in focus and annual plans on track.

We Make Results Measureable. CSI teams with you to establish key performance indicators and the means to track them so you can readily assess your organization’s progress.